Keynote Presentations

BE A GREAT ROLE PLAYER – Know yourself, know your people, then get on with it!

Do you consider yourself a leader? How many of you feel more comfortable being led? Did you ever think you would be considered an educator? Get comfortable embracing all these roles. We occupy these spaces whether we choose to or not. Find clarity in regards to when and where you fill each role.  Learn to make highly conscious decisions. These tools will allow you to be more effective in your career, find purpose in life and make a positive impact in the lives of those you touch.

FOCUS TO RESULTS – We are but products of our thoughts, what we think we become.

Our thoughts and mindsets are greatly influenced by our values and beliefs. When we challenge our belief system, we become more aligned with the true reality of our situations. This clarity creates the opportunity to adjust our focus. What we focus on has an impact on our mindsets and behaviors which, ultimately, has an impact on our results.

LIFE – The gift that keeps on giving

Life’s journey is full of great and not so great moments. It is highly unpredictable, however; the journey is consistent in regards to the lessons there are to learn. I grew up in a very poor, dysfunctional family. Along the way I have learned and experienced lessons that led to my ability to become a college graduate and an NFL football player. My story is a study in overcoming and dealing with adversity as well as the importance of relationships and goal setting.  Come along for the ride and be inspired and entertained.

Grounded in Greatness – Grace, Faith and Christ

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